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Precision Dental USA

Precision Dental USA is a global leader in manufacturing and distribution of dental instruments and practice supplies. With over 63 years of manufacturing experience, we aim to bring the latest instrument innovation and high quality supplies to your practice that make daily dental procedural work much easier for practitioners. At Precision we recognize the importance of quality and service excellence and continually develop our product range with the latest technological advancements and consultations with practicing dentists, to ensure that our products meet the quality standards expected by practitioner’s today.

Headquartered in Houston, Precision Dental USA has served over 2300 dental practitioners across the United States and has product supply and distribution in up to 50 countries across the globe including Canada, Mexico, Mainland China, Germany and India.

As one of the world’s leading dental suppliers, we are committed to investing more in dental instrument education and maintaining high quality manufacturing safety standards. When buying at Precision, you can be sure that each product purchased has gone through all inspections and safety guidelines listed by the FDA, ISO and the European Union’s CE.

About us

Manufacturing & Distribution

At Precision Dental USA, we understand the value of high quality dental Instruments at your practice, to make sure your patients’ oral health concerns are addressed with minimal discomfort during their visit. From start to the final finishing process, each instrument manufactured at Precision is designed with consultation by practicing dentists and is expertly handcrafted by industry professionals to allow for greater procedure efficiency.

We believe in forging relationships with dental practitioners and in promoting better understanding between Instrument manufacturers and practitioner’s, to better improve our product service and quality. Precision Dental USA, takes care of every step from manufacturing to the final product delivery at your doorstep, thus eliminating any third-party intervention or a middle-man. At Precision, you also have the ability to get customized instruments for your practice as per your needs.

With our easy-to-navigate online store , you can now order precise quality dental Instruments online and have them delivered to your practice in just 3 business days. With our free same-day shipping, you never have to wait long times for your dental supplies to arrive!

Vision 2023

It is our mission to be a global leader in dental instruments and practice supplies. With nearly 60 years of distinguished history in supplying top quality dental instruments across the world, Precision Dental USA vows to continually expand its product range by bringing the most latest technological advancements to your practice at the lowest comparable price in the market.

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