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Hand Instruments

  • Orthodontic Ligature DirectorAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-138C

    Ligature Director & Band Pusher

    Slim Handle Combination Instrument
  • Ligature Director and Explorer Orthodontic Hand InstrumentsAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-137C

    Ligature Director & Explorer

    Slim Handle Combination Instrument
  • Scissors for All Purpose
    Add to cart
    SKU: PD-77

    All Purpose Scissors

    Hard Steel blades for smooth cutting
  • Crown Scissor
    Add to cart
    SKU: PD-78

    Crown Scissor

    Precisely thin blades ideal for crowns
  • Band Pusher and Scaler
    Add to cart
    SKU: PD-131

    Band Pusher & Scaler

    Lightweight Double-Ended Instrument
  • Direct Bond Adhesive Remover & Scaler
    Add to cart
    SKU: PD-133

    Direct Bond Adhesive Remover & Scaler

    Lightweight Double-Ended Instrument
  • Ligature Director Double Ended
    Add to cart
    SKU: PD-136

    Ligature Director Double Ended

    Lightweight Double-Ended Instrument
  • Distal Bender Double Ended
    Add to cart
    SKU: PD-135

    Distal Bender Double Ended

    Bends the Distal End of Wire
  • Elastic Ligature Placer Double Ended
    Add to cart
    SKU: PD-139

    Elastic Ligature Placer Double Ended

    Lightweight Double-Ended Instrument
  • High Heat Bite Stick
    Add to cart
    SKU: PD-150

    High Heat Bite Stick

    Safe for Dry heat sterilization
  • Band Seater & Scaler
    Add to cart
    SKU: PD-132

    Band Seater & Scaler

    Lightweight Double-Ended Instrument
  • Positive PositionerAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-128

    Positive Positioner

    Serrated Jaws for a firm grip

Hand Instruments

Now is the time to get rid of subpar instruments at your practice, and make your appointments more time-efficient with quality Orthodontic Instruments from Precision Dental.  Here you can find a wide variety of stainless steel hand instruments at the most comparable prices. Each of our instruments is designed to support your objective of giving your patients the smile they deserve. 

Improved Essential Hand Instruments for Practitioners 

At Precision, we're committed to help you get the most out of your time and resources. Below is an insight to the range of Hand Instruments we carry:

Diagnostic Instruments: Find a variety of Mouth Mirrors, Explorers, dental probes, Spatula and Cotton Forceps that best suit your needs. Check out our preconfigured Intro Exam Sets and exclusive bulk diagnostic deals for the best price on your daily go to tools. 

Ligature directors: There are forked ends in curved, angular, and straight forms to guide ligatures around the mouth. You can find up to 6 different types of Ligature directors at Precision, that all serve the similar purpose, but come in different angles and handling options to best suit your needs. 

Elastic Ligature placers: Lightweight Instrument with specially designed tip to ensure an easy pick up of elastic ligatures and with a simple twirl-on motion, the elastic ligature is placed.

Band pushers & Seater: Rectangular serrated end to ensure perfect band seating and an accurate fit. The other end of the Instrument is a scaler to remove any adhesives remaining. Double-Ended Instrument, with lightweight firm grip for improved handling.  

Bite sticks: If you've never heard of one, it's a long nylon instrument with a serrated point. Using the patient's biting force, this device is used to apply and secure orthodontic bands on the teeth. Making sure the band is seated correctly and comfortably. Serrated triangular tips and autoclavable silicone handles make our biting sticks easier to use and more sanitary. 

Why Choose Precision Dental?

You shouldn’t be overpaying for daily-use hand instruments that are essential to your patient care. Her are some of the reasons why Orthodontists all over the United States have chosen Precision as their first choice for Instruments:

Affordability: Unlike most brands, Precision manufacturers and sells its products through its own channels. There is no middleman, which is why we are able to maintain competitive prices that most other American brand’s cannot. 

The sales process is simple: Buying Instruments has never been this easy! With our easy to navigate online store, you can select the best of the products that are vital to your practice. Shipping is always free over $29 and No Sales tax or any sort of hidden fee is charged. The price you see of your Instruments is the final price you pay. 

100% satisfaction: To ensure practitioner’s confidence in our products, our complete range of Instruments is made of German Stainless Steel to ensure durability and a long life. For additional peace of mind, We also provide a lifetime guarantee from corrosion/breakage. 

Sustainability: With our 2 year warranty, you are fully covered with any damage or breakage to Instrument under normal conditions. Our policy is clear: If at any point our Instrument fails to meet its expectations under normal use, we will replace it at no additional cost. 

Get your Hand Instruments Today: 

Shop at Precision now and see the difference for yourself from pricing to Instrument quality. Please contact us if you have any questions about our Instruments. Reach out to us at or give us a call at +1-888-228-0533.


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