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Wire Bending/Forming Pliers

Orthodontic Wire Bending/Forming Pliers

When patients are lined up, the one thing you would not want to do is fumbling around with an old pair of subpar pliers trying to achieve that perfect precise bend on your Orthodontic wires. Whether it's making regular metal adjustments, or precise wire and intra oral mouth detailing for the perfect smile, you can count on the extensive and comprehensive range of Wire Bending and Forming Pliers available here at Precision Dental Instruments. 

Discover a Comprehensive Range of Wire Bending Pliers

Orthodontics is not a one-stop shop and not everyone has a similar treatment, which is why Orthodontists carefully pay attention to their patients' individual oral health concerns and make precise intra-oral adjustments over the course of the treatment to achieve that perfect smile. In order to keep up with their patients’ demands, practitioners need to have a range of effective and durable instruments to achieve the best quality treatment results. 

At Precision, we manufacture 28 wire bending and forming pliers in different sizes and specifications so you can choose the best for you. Each plier is designed to serve a specific operation. For example, when it comes to creating precise loops on Orthodontic wires, you can count on our Loop forming pliers, available in both, Nance and Tweed Style, to best serve your needs. 

We also carry some of the most commonly used Orthodontic Pliers such as Bird Beak Pliers, Three Prong Pliers, Step Pliers and Light Wire Forming Pliers, all available at the most competitive pricing in the market, in stock and ready to be delivered at your doorstep. 

Using modern manufacturing advancements, combined with years of Industrial experience, Precision has managed to manufacture pliers that achieve results as expected with great ease of operation. Whether it's creating an accurate lingual arch adjustment or bending and forming Nickel Titanium wires, you can count on the stockpile of pliers available at Precision to serve your patients needs. 

Classic-Style Manufacturing with Effective Technology

At Precision, we understand the value of high quality Instruments at your practice which is why each one of our Instruments is manufactured with high grade German Stainless Steel to ensure a long Instrument life and durability. Not only this, but each instrument purchased at Precision is protected with an extended 2 year warranty, guaranteeing you a free instrument replacement at any time our product fails to do its intended job under normal use conditions. 

Moreover, we also offer free delivery across the United States for all orders above $29. Not only this but, orders shipped out of the state of Texas get charged 0% Sales Tax, so the price you see for the Instruments is the final price you pay. 

Upgrade Your Instruments Arsenal with Precision Dental Instruments 

Place your Order now and get the best supplies for your practice at Precision Dental USA. For any product related questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us at +1-888-228-0533 or email us at


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