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Mathieu Pliers

  • Mathieu Narrow Tip
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    SKU: PD-90

    Mathieu Narrow Tip

    Enhanced Double Spring function
  • Mathieu Smaha Ultra Fine Tip
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    SKU: PD-99

    Mathieu Smaha Ultra Fine Tip

    Enhanced Double Spring Function
  • Mathieu Narrow Tip Tungsten Carbide
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    SKU: PD-92

    Mathieu Narrow Tip Tungsten Carbide

    Enhanced Double Spring Function
  • Mathieu Standard Tip
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    SKU: PD-82

    Mathieu Standard Tip

    Enhanced Double Spring function
  • Mathieu Standard Tip Tungsten Carbide
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    SKU: PD-84

    Mathieu Standard Tip Tungsten Carbide

    Enhanced Double Spring function

Ligation Instruments to Match Your Care Needs 

Whether you are using elastomeric modules or Stainless Steel Tying Ligatures, you can count on the range of Mathieu Pliers available here at Precision Dental Instruments to make sure the Ligation procedure is carried out effectively and the arch wire stays in the slot of the bracket. Our Mathieu Pliers have been expertly designed and built featuring a lightweight body to allow for more flexibility during use so the practitioner can easily maneuver and place elastics, and tying stainless steel ligatures intraorally.

Improved Procedure Efficiency 

FItted with enhanced double spring functionality, our Mathieu pliers allow the practitioner to easily lock/unlock the plier jaws which makes individually picking elastic ligatures much effortless. Featuring a 3-step lock, the practitioner can have a secure locked grip on the elastic and easily maneuver and place the elastic in the bracket. 

Precise Range of Mathieu Pliers

Let's take a closer look at our inventory of Mathieu Pliers,

Mathieu Narrow Tip: One of our best sellers, these mathieu pliers featuring a sleek narrow tip are the perfect all rounder and work precisely well with both, elastic ligatures and stainless steel ligature ties. The serrated tip allows for a non-slip grip, making sure the practitioner is confident in controlling the instrument which ultimately minimizes patient discomfort. You can find Mathieu pliers with Narrow tip available in both, Standard metal insert and Tungsten Carbide Insert. We assure you that our Mathieu Narrow Tip won't disappoint you! 

Mathieu Standard Tip: Featuring a slightly wider tip than our narrow version, this Mathieu plier with standard tip is ideal for working on stainless steel ligatures and tying ligature knots. The serrated tip assures a secure grip to the practitioner and allows for more flexibility during instrument movement. Here at Precision you can find Mathieu Standard tip, available in both Standard metal insert and tungsten carbide Insert. 

Mathieu Ultra Fine Tip: A very sleek and slim designed tip, this mathieu plier with an ultra fine tip, also called as Mathieu Smaha style, is ideal when dealing with elastomeric modules. The slim tip acts as a precise hook to effortlessly pick up elastic ligatures and the lightweight body style allows the practitioner to effortlessly place elastic ligatures on the bracket. We guarantee that our Mathieu Ultra Fine Tip will keep you operating for the long-term. 

Why Choose Precision? 

Orthodontists have collectively saved over 35% when choosing Precision as their first choice for dental instruments. Here’s why Precision is one of the leading dental instrument suppliers in the United States: 

No middleman: From manufacturing to the entire sales process, each and every step is managed solely by Precision Dental Instruments which is why you never have to deal with a middle-man. Having a direct connection with instrument industry experts also allows Orthodontists to get their instruments custom manufactured according to their personal requirements at Precision Dental USA. 

Quality Control: Value of purchase is something that every customer thinks of before making the buying decision. At Precision, we understand the value of highly quality instruments at your practice to make sure your patients get the smile they deserve which is why our complete range of products go through multiple health and safety inspections during the entire Instrument manufacturing process to make sure we are in compliance with the guidelines laid out by the US FDA and the International Standard Organization. 

Service Excellence: Each instrument purchase at Precision Dental is covered with a 2 year warranty that protects you from any breakage of Instrument. Our policy is clear: If at any time one of our instruments fails to do its intended job then you get a brand new free replacement of that Instrument with no additional charges. 

Get Your Mathieu Pliers Today 

Place your order now and experience the operational comfort of Mathieu Pliers manufactured by Precision. For any product related questions or concerns please contact us at +1-888-228-0533 or email us at

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