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Measuring Gauges

  • Boone Bracket Positioning GaugeAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-152

    Boone Bracket Positioning Gauge

    German Stainless Steel Construction
  • Iwanson GaugeAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-153

    Iwanson Gauge

    German Stainless Steel Construction
  • Boley Gauge Stainless Steel
    Add to cart
    SKU: PD-154

    Boley Gauge Stainless Steel

    German Stainless Steel Construction
  • Bracket Height Gauge for .022 BracketsAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-156

    Bracket Height Gauge for .022″ Brackets

    German Stainless Steel Construction
  • Bracket Height Gauge for .018" BracketsAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-157

    Bracket Height Gauge for .018″ Brackets

    German Stainless Steel construction
  • Bracket Height GaugeAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-158

    Bracket Height Gauge Moveable head

    Ideal for both .018" & .022" brackets

Measuring Gauges

Accuracy is one big factor in Orthodontics which is why practitioners’ need precise and accurate measurements when adjusting bracket height, placing brackets and during various other Orthodontic and dental procedures. When it comes to getting the perfect dental gauges for the most accurate result, you can count on our stainless steel collection of measuring gauges with the most intricate measurement levels for excellent results. 

Dental Gauges to Match Your Care Needs 

At Precision we host a limited comprehensive range of dental measuring gauges that you can count on. The scale on each of these gauges is precisely built to make sure the values stay bold even after long-term use. Let's take a further look into our measuring gauges inventory: 

Boone Bracket Positioning Gauge: Precise German Stainless Steel construction with a lightweight body. Designed to allow Orthodontists to easily measure height of bracket placement from the incisal edge. 

Bracket Height Gauges: A must have gauge for every Orthodontist to ensure the perfect bracket height adjustment. Featuring a matte finish with a lightweight construction style, these bracket height gauges are built to produce long term accurate results. At Precision we host bracket height gauges for both 0.018” and 0.22” brackets. If you prefer versatility, then our Bracket Height gauge with Moveable head is your go to instrument, allowing you to measure on both 0.18” and 0.22” brackets with the same gauge. 

Iwanson Gauge: Constructed with great precision for accuracy, this Iwanson Gauge featuring a flexible spring caliper allows practitioners’ to measure the thickness of crowns, spaces and other dental material. Gauge features a lightweight body with an easy to use style. 

Boley Gauge: One of the most commonly used gauges in dentistry. This Boley gauge is used during various procedures in both clinic and laboratory. Featuring smooth operation and easy control to enhance user experience. 

Create Stunning Smiles with Precision Dental Instruments

At Precision Dental USA, we understand the value of high quality Orthodontic Instruments at your practice, to make sure your patients get the smile they deserve with minimal discomfort during their visit, which is why our complete line of Instrument features a lip safe construction with chamfered edges. In addition to minimizing patient discomfort, our Instruments also feature enhanced handling capabilities during operation to ensure comfort on both the practitioner and the patients end. 

Now is the time to stop relying on ineffective, subpar Instruments and upgrade your dental tools Arsenal with Precision Dental Instruments. Choose Precision Dental as your top choice for quality dental supplies and streamline your daily care while improving patient comfort and treatment, all at an affordable price. Our Complete line of Orthodontic Instruments is designed to improve procedure accuracy with smooth operation making the daily job of an Orthodontist much easier. With our extended two year warranty for all Orthodontic Instruments, Stay Hassle-free and let Precision take care of your Instruments.

Get Your Measuring Gauges Today

At Precision, you can find the best deals on the market for dental supplies. Order your dental gauges today and have them at your doorstep in just 3 business days with our free shipping service. For any product related questions or concerns, feel free to call us at +1-888-228-0533 or email us at

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