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Orthodontic Sets

  • Arch wire Set BoxAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-301

    Arch wire Set

    Includes 11 Instruments & Sterilization Cassette
  • Bonding & Banding Orthodontic SetAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-302

    Bonding & Banding Set

    Includes 13 Instruments & Sterilization Cassette
  • Debonding & Debanding SetAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-303

    Debonding & Debanding Set

    Includes 7 Instruments & Sterilization Cassette
  • Dental Examination SetAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-300

    Exam Set

    Includes 4 Instruments & Sterilization Cassette
  • Intro Exam SetAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-304

    Intro Exam Set

    Includes Mouth Mirror, Probe & Tweezer
  • Orthodontic Hand Instruments SetAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-308

    Orthodontic Hand Instruments Set

    Ideal for Banding, Bonding & Ligation
  • Probe & Explorer SetAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-307

    Probe & Explorer Set

    5 Ideal Diagnostic Hand Instruments
  • 3 Long Handle CuttersAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-305

    Set of 3 Long Handle Cutters

    Featuring Tungsten Carbide cutting edges
  • Mini-Style CuttersAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-306

    Set of 3 Mini-Style Cutters

    Featuring Tungsten Carbide cutting edges

Orthodontic Sets

It is now much simpler than ever before to get the best orthodontic instruments for your practice. At Precision, we have specially configured our Orthodontic Sets that allow you to have access to a range of instruments you need during your Orthodontic appointments. 

Save time and money with our pre-configured Orthodontic Sets

Upgrade your Orthodontic Instruments Arsenal with our pre-configured Orthodontic Sets at the lowest price match guarantee. These Sets have been precisely designed to give the practitioner the ability to carry a range of operations with a single set-up. For example, Our Arch wire Set, which hosts up to 13 Instruments, allows you to cut, shape, bend and form all types of arch wires. 

Selection of Essential Orthodontic Instruments

The Instruments in these sets have been expertly chosen by a team of practicing Orthodontists and Industry experts to allow for greater versatility and value for purchase. Furthermore, each set comes with a free Sterilization Cassette that allows you to better organize and maintain your Instruments. Instruments manufactured by Precision are durable, lightweight, sturdy, and come with a lifetime guarantee. Spreading Smiles Now made easier with the most advanced orthodontic equipment.

Precision Dental Instruments delivers all the orthodontic instruments you require in a self-contained set for different appointments and set-ups. At Precision, we host:

Exam Set: Includes a double ended explorer, #5 Mouth Mirror, Dental probe and a Cotton Tweezer. Set comes with Stainless Steel Sterilization Cassette for Instrument Organization.

The Archwire Set: A range of 11 Orthodontic Cutters and Pliers, allowing practitioners to shape, cut, form and bend all types of Orthodontic Arch wires. The Set comes with a Large Stainless Steel Cassette for Instrument Organization. 

Bonding & Banding Set: A carefully selected assortment of 13 orthodontic instruments ideal for your Bonding appointments. Precision quality instruments that guarantee precise bracket and band placement with maximum accuracy during operation. The Set comes with a Large Stainless Steel Cassette for Instrument Organization. 

Debonding & Debanding Set: Expertly configured set of 7 Orthodontic Instruments that makes bracket and band removal easier. The Set Includes Adhesive Removing Plier and Scalar for easy clean up of cements or any adhesives remaining. Set comes with a medium size sterilization cassette. 

A two-year warranty is included with every Precision purchase, protecting you from any unusual damage to the instrument during normal use. Precision Dental USA, is one of the most quality trusted brands in the orthodontic instrument industry, where you can find the best and most effective instruments for your practice.

See why more and more orthodontists are choosing Precision dental instruments for their daily dental care needs. With a vast selection of Orthodontic Instruments available at Precision, practitioners have a greater choice to select the tools that best suit their practice's individual needs, with several sizes and specifications. Instruments are covered by our extended two-year warranty, including any necessary sharpening of cutting tools, as long as they are used normally.

Customer Service that ensures your satisfaction with purchase

We aim to make your practice operations easier by providing top-notch equipment and dental instruments.. From manufacturing, to packaging till the delivery of your instruments at your doorstep, we take care of every process without any third party involvement. At Precision, you can be sure of the following three things:

  1. Up to Date manufacturing practices with all safety standards 
  2. Consistent efforts in building relationships with Orthodontists and industry manufacturing experts and the broader community. 
  3. Flexible service and quality product options are provided to our consumers to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience.

Precision Orthodontic Instrument Sets

Spend less time and less money on your daily care dental instruments. Precision Dental offers a variety of simple orthodontic tool sets to help you get the job done quickly and effectively. Our commitment backs our products. Each of our instruments is built to last and guaranteed to satisfy. From manufacturing to Instrument delivery, every step is solely managed by Precision Dental Instruments. By eliminating the middleman, we have complete control over our pricing which is why you will never pay more than necessary for your daily Orthodontic Instruments.

Streamline your daily orthodontic care by purchasing Instruments from Precision Dental. For any product related questions, please contact us at +1-888-228-0533 or email us at

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