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  • Posterior Bracket Holder Tweezers LongAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-109

    Posterior Bracket Holder Tweezer Long

    Lightweight design with Fine grip
  • Direct Bond Bracket Tweezer with Aligner & PositionerAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-107

    Direct Bond Bracket Tweezer with Aligner & Positioner

    Lightweight design with Fine grip
  • Buccal Tube TweezersAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-112

    Buccal Tube Tweezers

    Reverse action allowing for a self-lock grip
  • Posterior Bracket Holder TweezerAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-106

    Posterior Bracket Holder Tweezer

    Lightweight design with Fine grip
  • Direct Bond Bracket Tweezer LingualAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-110

    Direct Bond Bracket Tweezer Lingual

    Lightweight design with Fine grip
  • Direct Bond Bracket Tweezer with AlignerAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-108

    Direct Bond Bracket Tweezer with Aligner

    Lightweight design with Fine grip
  • Buccal Tube Tweezers Non-ReverseAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-113

    Buccal Tube Tweezers Non-Reverse

    Standard Slim design tweezer

Bracket Tweezers

For precise bracket placement and positioning, Orthodontists must use high quality bracket tweezers for accurate results during bonding. At Precision, We carry a comprehensive range of orthodontic tweezers made of German stainless steel, which may be used to hold, put, and maneuver brackets and buccal tubes in any part of the mouth. You won't find a better combination of creative solutions, a logical shopping method, and reasonable prices.

Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Bracket Tweezers

Your dental practice's demands are our top priority at Precision Dental Instruments, which is why we host a range of Bracket tweezers with different functionality and handling sizes to better suit your needs. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can select the best ones for your practice.

Direct Bond Bracket Tweezers with Aligner & Positioning: 

Slim Lightweight Bracket tweezers with a rectangular serrated tip for a firm grasp on the bracket. With a simple flip, the practitioner can use the other end of the instrument to precisely align and position the bracket for the best results. 

Posterior Bracket Tweezers:

These slender, angled tweezers are made for easy access to posterior teeth while allowing for maximum visibility for a clear and a precise operation. 

Buccal Tube tweezers:

Our buccal tube tweezers, also called molar tube tweezers, are an excellent option for precise buccal tube placement and for minor adjustments. The curved body allows for more visibility, while the thin, manual-action tip allows for a precise grasp and adjustment of the buccal tube. 

Orthodontic Tools to match your care needs

We make every effort to make the most efficient use of your time and money during the sales process. Here is why Orthodontists all over the United States are switching to Precision as their first choice for Orthodontic Instruments. 

Wholesale Price: 

Manufacturing and selling our products through our own channel’s have allowed us to sustain affordable prices for long. This means that there is no middle-man and there is a direct relationship between practitioners and industry experts. With no third party involvement, and a direct selling channel, Precision has managed to make instruments available at a price that no brand can compete with. 

Lifetime guarantee:

Each of our instrument’s is constructed with German stainless steel and comes with a lifetime guarantee from corrosion/breakage. The instrument goes through several hand inspections before being delivered at your practice, to ensure strict quality control for better patient care. 

Simple Buying Process:

With our easy to navigate online store, you can find the best quality instruments for your practice and get them shipped to your practice the same day. For any assistance with placing an order, please call us at +1-888-228-0533 and one of our sales experts will be right there with you. 


We care about providing a safe and healthy environment for our employees and customers. Thus, we use recycled materials in both our production and packaging operations. What's the most exciting part? Every time you buy something from us, you're helping us promote our environmental cause.

Get Precise Quality Tweezers Today

We have a variety of stainless steel orthodontic tweezers available for you to choose from. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more shopping concerns or questions.

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