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Greater Efficiency Dental Instruments with Improved Procedure Accuracy

  • Practitioner’s Choice
    Bracket Removing Plier Angled
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    SKU: PD-66

    Bracket Removing Plier Angled

    Slim edge Jaws for a easy grip on bracket
  • Tweed Loop Forming Plier
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    SKU: PD-35

    Tweed Loop Forming Plier

    Designed for wires up to 0.022"
  • NiTi Distal Cinch Back PlierS
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    SKU: PD-54

    NiTi Distal Cinch Back Plier

    Designed for SS & NiTi wires up to 0.025"
  • Adhesive Removing Pliers
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    SKU: PD-15

    Adhesive Removing Plier

    Double-Sided Tungsten Carbide Tip Insert Comes with a free pack of Occlusal pads
  • Flush Cut-Hold Distal End Cutter Long Handle
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    SKU: PD-13

    Flush Cut-Hold Distal End Cutter Long Handle

    Featuring a Tungsten Carbide Tip insert
  • Mathieu Smaha Ultra Fine Tip
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    SKU: PD-99

    Mathieu Smaha Ultra Fine Tip

    Enhanced Double Spring Function
Best Selling

Practice Essentials

  • Dental Examination SetAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-300

    Exam Set

    Includes 4 Instruments & Sterilization Cassette
  • Cotton Pliers with Safety LockAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-120

    Cotton Pliers with Safety Lock (12/Pack)

    Angled tip for easy access to posterior region
  • 24mm Mouth Mirror with HandleAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-81

    24mm Mouth Mirror with Handle (10/Pk)

    Featuring a 24mm mirror diameter
  • Sterilization Cassette Standard Size
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    SKU: PD-171

    Sterilization Cassette Standard

    11 x 7 x 1 in

Buying Instruments now made easier

With our easy-to-navigate online store , you can now order precise quality dental Instruments and other high quality essential practice supplies in a breeze. From Instrument manufacturing to delivery at your doorstep, Precision take’s care of every step so you never have to deal with a middleman.

Why Choose Precision?

At Precision Dental USA, we understand the value of high quality Orthodontic Instruments at your practice, to make sure your patients get the smile they deserve with minimal discomfort during their visit. It is critical to your success as a practitioner that you thoroughly understand your patient’s oral health concerns. At Precision you can find a range of Orthodontic Instruments with precise specifications allowing you to make the desired changes to your patient’s treatment with ease for a perfect smile.

Although it is a vocation, Orthodontics is also a business, and the bottom line is critical in this endeavor! Precision Dental assists you in increasing your bottom line by offering the most competitive prices on dental supplies in the market, backed with a lifetime guarantee. Each operation, from instrument manufacturing to sales and distribution, is solely managed by Precision Dental, allowing us greater leverage in maintaining the most competitive prices for dental instruments in the United States.

Dental Supplies to match your care needs

Now is the time to get rid of subpar instruments at your practice and upgrade your Instrument Arsenal with Precision Dental USA. Use our easy-to-navigate online store and find exactly what you are looking for. At Precision we carry a huge range of dental instruments categorized as follows:

Clear Aligner Pliers:

We host a comprehensive range of Clear aligner pliers that allow practitioners to make desired detailing to their patients clear aligners treatment to influence a particular tooth movement. You can find Hole Punch Pliers, Dimple Punch Pliers and many other different types of pliers that can allow you to do a range of operations on clear aligners without the need of any heat or extra step.

Orthodontic Cutters:

When it comes to trimming Orthodontic wires, look no further than the wide range of Orthodontic Cutters available at Precision Dental Instruments. Here you can find Distal End Cutters, Ligature wire Cutter, Hard wire Cutter and even Laboratory style wire cutter, available in multiple sizes to best suit your needs.

Diagnostic Instruments:

Find a range of dental diagnostic instruments at Precision that best suit your care needs. At Precision we host different sizes of mouth mirrors, multiple style dental probes and explorers with a range of daily use cotton tweezers and cement spatula. With our special 12-pack deals, you will never pay more than necessary for your daily care dental instruments.

Orthodontic Utility Pliers:

Find Orthodontic Pliers that best serve your needs at the most competitive pricing in the market. At Precision, you can find Bracket Removing Pliers, Debonding Pliers, Posterior Band Removing Pliers, Adhesive Removing Pliers, Elastic Separating Pliers and much more for your Orthodontic procedures and simple metal braces adjustments.

Orthodontic Wire Bending/Forming Pliers:

Whether its getting precise bends on Orthodontic wires or getting that perfect lingual arch adjustment. At Precision we host a comprehensive range of 23 wire bending and forming pliers that allow you to make that precise adjustment to the patient’s arch wire for the perfect smile. Find Three prong pliers, Torquing Pliers, Step Pliers, Bird Beak Pliers, Light wire forming Pliers and much more, all at your one-stop shop, Precision Dental Instruments.

Elastic Placing Mathieu’s:

An ideal instrument used during Ligation, these expertly crafted Elastic Placing Mathieu’s designed for greater efficiency during operation. With a firm grip and enhanced double spring function for greater versatility, these Elastic Placing Mathieu’s allow the practitioner to effortlessly pick elastic ligatures and place them with a simple twist motion. Featuring a 3-step lock, these Mathieu Pliers ensure a firm grip on the elastic with no effort required, allowing the Orthodontist to accurately place elastic ligatures in their desired place.

Mosquito Hemostatic Forceps:

One of the most commonly used instruments at dental practices, these Mosquito Hemostats feature a sturdy design with a 2-step lock allowing for a firm grip during operation. At Precision you can find both straight and curved tip mosquito hemostatic forceps with multiple styles and specifications from which you can select to best serve your needs.

Dental & Crown scissors:

Get All purpose Dental Scissors and Crown Scissors at the lowest price match guarantee in the market. Fitted with German Stainless Steel blades, experience an effortless cut and trimming of dental material with minimal effort.

Dental Measuring Gauges:

At Precision we host superior quality measuring gauges, allowing practitioner’s greater flexibility during operation, thus, ensuring higher accuracy. You can find a range of Bracket placement and bracket height measuring gauges for different bracket sizes at wholesale prices. We also carry general measuring gauges such as boley gauge and Iwanson gauge which are widely used during dental procedures.


Make your Bonding appointments much more time saving with precise direct bond bracket placing tweezers and buccal tube tweezers from Precision Dental Instruments. You can select from up to 7 different styles of Orthodontic Tweezers available at our online store to best serve your daily care needs.

Instrument Organizers:

Keep your Instrument’s maintained and ready for action with our Stainless Steel Instrument Organizers. From multiple size sterilization cassettes and Instrument trays to precise plier Organizing stands, You can find the best quality Instrument organizers here with a free 2 year warranty.

Orthodontic Sets:

With these expertly crafted pre-configured Orthodontic Instruments Sets, You can have access to a range of operations during your Orthodontic procedures. With our carefully selected Banding Set and Debonding Set, you can carry multiple operations with a single organized instrument set. We also carry an Arch wire Set, that is a mix of up to 11 orthodontic Pliers & cutters, designed to allow versatility when bending, forming, shaping, contouring arch wires of all types.

How is Precision different from other brands?

At Precision we offer an extended 2 year warranty for the complete tool which many other dental suppliers across the United States do not. This warranty has you covered with any damage/breakage to the tool under normal use conditions. With our money-back guarantee, you can always return or replace your Orthodontic Instruments whenever the Instrument fails to do its designated operation under normal use conditions.

Order your Dental Supplies today!

As a quality manufacturer of dental and orthodontic instruments, Precision Dental USA, has a wide selection of dental supplies that you can select from to best serve your needs. Place your order now and get free 3 day shipping across the United States.

For any product or consumer related information, please do not hesitate to contact us at +1-888-228-0533 and one of our experts will be there to assist you. You can also email us your questions at

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