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Top 10 International Dental Conferences for 2023

Conferences are a great place for dental industry professionals to come together and discuss the latest findings and problems facing the dental world. Participants get answers to their questions and roadblocks while getting introduced to the latest technological innovations.

Many great conferences are planned in 2023 across the globe, from which we have selected the top 10 based on their annual statistics and attendance numbers. But let’s first understand why you should go to these mega dental conferences and trade shows.

Advantages of Attending a Dental Conference ?

Joining hands and connecting with thousands of professionals under one roof provides an ample of opportunity and benefits, which may differ based on individual preferences and your specific role in the industry, but the most generic ones are presented, such as:

  1. Networking – You meet professionals and experts from various areas of the field and can learn a lot from them. Having in-person one-on-one conversations allows you to connect well and form more suitable business relationships than online or telephonic sessions.
  2. Continuing Education Credits – Many dental conferences and trade shows have course webinars and training sessions that offer CE credits. If you are a dental assistant or anyone who is required to take CE credits then these conferences might be a go-to for you.
  3. New and Latest Trends, Technologies, and Innovations – You, as a participant, can learn immensely from the speakers and numerous innovative product and service displays at the conference. Many exhibitors tend to launch their new products or services at these big mega events which gives you an early sneak peek into what’s to come for the future.
  4. Market Your Practice/Business – The more someone sees your brand, the better visibility it will get. It is essential for you or your business to be present at such conferences regularly so you can collaborate more with other professionals to stay on top of modern advancements in the dental world.


How to Plan and Make the Most of Your Conference?

Most Dental Trade Shows are 3-5 day mega events with hundreds of events planned throughout the day. Planning early on for the conference makes sure that you are organized and well timed for the day’s events. Following are some of the critical things you need to make sure before heading off to departure

  1. Make Early Reservations – Dental conferences have thousands of attendees from all across the globe which makes availability of transport, hotels and other commodities difficult during the event dates. Booking early on makes sure that you can lock in your rates for accommodation and other expenses and avoid peak surcharge.
  2. Make Your Presence in Different Activities – Trade Shows have various categories of events planned all across the board such as course learning, new product launches and ted talks. Checking on the events list early and registering for it helps you get the most out of your presence at the conference.
  3. Exchange Contact Information – You are there not just to learn about innovations and new projects but also to connect with their experts and technicians to discuss how you can collaborate with them for a business partnership. Exchanging business cards and sharing contact information should be a priority for you to make sure that you can get in touch with the experts whenever you need them in the future.

How to Decide Which Conference to Attend?

There are hundreds of dental events planned for the rest of the year and it is not necessary that all of them will be specific to your field and be resourceful for you. Below are some of the important details that you should consider before choosing to attend a conference;

  • Do I need to travel far, and what are going to be my expenses?
  • Should I bring my team along? Are there any resourceful events or training sessions for them?
  • What am I getting from the conference? Is it learning? Collaboration? Or become part of innovation? Does it relate to my business goals?

Once you consider these few aspects then you should be able to make a more personalized decision based on your goals.

So let’s not waste more time and dig into the Top 10 International Dental Conferences for the year 2023.

Top 10 Dental Conferences

Following is the list of the best dental conferences internationally.

1.   IDS 2023

Cologne, Germany

14-18 March 2023.

Website: Dental industry and Dental trade fair | IDS (

IDS Germany is a 4-day show with one of the biggest attendance numbers in the dental world. Around 2,000 exhibitors from 65 countries are expected to come together and share their latest technological advancements with around 160,000 trade visitors from across the globe. By visiting the conference’s main page, you can learn more about the exhibitors attending and what they will most likely present at the conference.

2.   Greater New York Dental Meeting

New York City, USA

24-29 November (Meeting Dates) – 26-29 November (Exhibit Dates)

Website: Greater New York Dental Meeting (

One of the largest dentistry conferences in the United States, with up to 2,000 exhibits in 2022. More exhibits are expected at the 99th GNY dental meeting in 2023. Over 33,000 past registrations, including 12,000+ dentists, while others being dental hygienists, assistants, exhibitors and other industry professionals. Many specialty meetings to be hosted by the world’s implant expo, public health conference, GNYDM lab symposium, and many more. Once there, you can visit the exhibitor pavilion and many hands-on workshops to keep you learning more about new products in an entertaining way.

3.   ADA Smile Con – Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida, USA

5-7 October 2023

Website: Save the date: Orlando hosting SmileCon 2023 | American Dental Association (

This 3-day SmileCon event hosted by the American Dental Association will be one of the biggest Dental expo to be held at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. With up to 10,000 attendees expected and close proximity to Disneyland and many other scenic places, your professional conference can be the trip of a lifetime. Furthermore, Cultural festivals are also held around the conference dates so that participants can get a break and explore the things happening in Orlando outside the dental world.

4.   IDEX – Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkiye

25-28 May 2023

Website: IDEX 2023 – IDEX ISTANBUL 2023 – IDEX 18th İstanbul Dental Equipment and Materials Exhibition

It is the 18th Istanbul Dental Equipment and Materials Exhibition (IDEX), being held at the Istanbul Expo center on 25th May 2023, bringing light to the Turkish dental industry around the world. You will get to experience the latest innovation and technology sharing from the Istanbul dental industry, from autoclaves to screening devices and much more.

5.   SINO Dental – China

Beijing China

9-12 June 2023

Website: Sino-Dental® 2023 Important Announcement (

Sino-Dental, the flagship dental event in the Asia Pacific region presenting one of the largest and fastest-growing dental markets in the world, is taking place on 9th June 2023. With nearly 900 exhibitors and 140,000 visitors, Sino-Dental is poised to be an all-in-one platform featuring the latest dental technologies and modern manufacturing methods.

6.   CIOSP – Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil

25-28 January 2023

Website: CIOSP – Congresso Internacional de Odontologia de São Paulo

CIOSP – Brazil


The scientific engine is on in this 40th edition of CIOSP in Brazil, which will usher in a new chapter of progress in the history of Dentistry. It is one of the largest Dental exhibitions in the world, bringing together over 100,000 professionals for innovation, creative endeavors, and massive production in dentistry.

The São Paulo Dental Association (SPDA) has promoted this event annually for over 60 years. Being one of the largest dental events, the conference has become a pillar of the local dental market, being at the forefront of helping professionals and companies integrate.

7.   Mid-Winter Meeting – Chicago

Chicago, USA

23-25 February 2023

Website: Chicago Dental Society | Midwinter Meeting (

Mid-Winter Meeting – Chicago


With over 240 courses, dental halls, and much more containing the latest dental innovation and practices, the 158th Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting will feature the best-continued quality education in dentistry and the best exhibits in the sector.Being the leading research dentistry convention in the United States, the conference expects to bring about 6,000 exhibitors and 22,000 overall attendees.

Many events will be held during the conference, including workshops and Continuing Education courses for professionals and students of dentistry. Last but not the least, you get to see Chicago’s amazing skyline.

8.   AEEDC – Dubai

Dubai, UAE

7-9 February 2023

Website: Home – AEEDC Dubai

AEEDC – Dubai


Leading the dental world into the future, the UAE International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition (AEEDC) will be held this February in Dubai. Featuring over 3600+ exhibitors, 4,800+ brands, 22 national pavilions, and 66,000 visitors, this conference is aimed at discovering the best of the dental world. Representatives from 155 countries will come together to innovate and advance the field of dentistry.

9.   Expodent – New Delhi

New Delhi, India

27-30 January 2023

Website: Expodent International India (Jan 2023), Delhi, India – Exhibitions (

Expodent – New Delhi


Expodent is one of the most eagerly awaited dental events in India by the practicing  community, university students, and researchers. It’s an annual professional forum where over 900 booths and 25,000 participants share their experiences and innovations in helping the dentist community grow in India.

10.   Dental Expo – Russia

October 2023

St. Petersburg Russia


It is the 15th St. Petersburg Dental Expo and the biggest in all of Russia, with the Russian Dental Association (RDA) and the Dental Association of St. Petersburg being the biggest strategic partner. With more than 100 exhibitors and 5000 attendees, Dental-Expo St. Petersburg aims to transform the field of dentistry in Russia.

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