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Iris Scissors 4.5″

Iris Scissors 4.5″


Available in Performance TC Blades

SKU: DS-602/604


SHIPS WITHIN: 1-2 Business days

Product Description

Designed to cut fine tissue and sutures, these precisely handcrafted Iris Scissors are perfect to have in any surgical setting. You can choose to get the cutting blades as straight, curved or angled to best perform your surgical operations.

  • Featuring precisely sharp blades all the way to the tip
  • Minimized slippage of tissue or suture during operation
  • Elegant Matte coating to reduce glare and improve visibility

Difference between Straight & Curved Iris

Straight tip Iris scissors are great when cutting along flat surfaces whereas curved scissors follow contours of tissue in small areas and make it easy for you to access it. Both patterns come with their own great advantage which is why it is best recommended to have them both handy for ideal delicacy during operation.

For hospitals and high-volume surgical clinics, we recommend our most precisely honed Performance Tungsten Carbide Blades designed for longevity and a smoother operation.

No middle-man

Every step from manufacturing to delivery is solely managed by Precision so you don’t have to deal with a middle-man or any third party during the sales process. This allows us to have more control over our product pricing and we are able to pass on those savings to your practice.

At Precision you also have the option to get instruments manufactured according to your custom needs. Our product specialists work with you to understand your requirements and within 30 days you can get your custom instruments manufactured and delivered at your doorstep.

Get Your Iris Scissors Today

Although Initially designed as a fine delicate instrument for use during Ophthalmic Surgery, the Iris scissors have grown in popularity amongst all because of their delicacy and are widely used today for Dental, Facial, Veterinary and other surgical procedures.

Choose Precision and join thousands of other practitioners in minimizing instrument costs and improving procedure efficiency. For any questions or product related inquiries feel free to reach us out at +1-888-228-0533 or contact our 24/7 email support at

Additional Information

Select Tip Configuration:

Regular Blades, Performance TC Blades

Select Pattern:

Straight, Curved

Orders above $29 ship free, always!

All our orders are processed and shipped within 1-2 business days of placing the order. Orders Placed before 3 pm(ET) are shipped the same day.

Once your order ships you will receive an email with a tracking id. For Priority or Overnight Delivery, please choose from the shipping options present at checkout.

All international orders above $129 ship free. Locations accessible by UPS and Fedex are accepted only.


All instruments purchased at Precision Dental Instruments have an extended 2 year warranty which covers you with any damage to the tip and additional maintenance costs. We do not waste months under Sharpening processes and expensive repairs like other brands, instead we ship out the same brand new instrument to keep you operating.

1. How to keep my Orthodontic Pliers and cutters in good condition for Long-Term?

Please follow the most updated sterilization and Instrument cleaning guidelines. Avoid using acidic liquid disinfectants and switch to PH neutral disinfectants. Acid in general tends to be reactive towards steel, Instrument cutting edges constructed with Tungsten Carbide possess weak properties when in contact with acid, resulting in Instrument breakage at the most unwanted times creating a very uncomfortable situation for your patients. Make sure to store Instruments in a safe dry area under normal office/room temperatures.

2. What does my 2 year Instrument warranty cover?

Your warranty covers any breakage or damage to the Instrument under normal using and sterilization conditions. All Orthodontic Instruments with a cutting edge come with Free sharpening if needed to the tool over the course of 2 years. Please be sure that your warranty does not cover any intentional or purposeful damage to the Instrument.

3. Are Precision Dental’s products approved by the FDA?

Yes! All our products have gone through complete safety checks and meet all compliance standards of US FDA, CE, UDI and ISO. Quality Certifications by the United States FDA, European Union’s CE and the International Organization for Standardization have allowed Precision Dental Instruments to expand its products across 80+ Countries around the globe.

4. Is Precision Dental part of a larger organization or a 3rd party supplier?

No, Precision Dental is an independent family-owned Instrument manufacturing company with its headquarters in Texas, United States. Being manufacturers, we have cut-out the middleman and aim to build a direct relationship between Orthodontists and Industry Experts to best manufacture the Instruments that serve the intended purpose at the most affordable prices on the market.

5. Which Brand is Best for Orthodontic Instruments?

Precision Dental Instruments is one of America’s leading Instrument manufacturers, hosting a wide inventory of Orthodontic Instruments, allowing practitioners to choose from a variety of options to best serve their needs. With an extended 2 year warranty, Precision Dental covers you with any Instrument damage or breakage under normal conditions and offers New replacement Instruments at no additional cost.


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