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  • Front Surface Mouth Mirrors DentalAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-184

    #4 Mouth Mirror Cone Socket 12/pk

    Satin finished Stainless Steel mirror      
  • Mouth Mirror Rhodium Coated Front Surface Cone SocketAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-184R

    #4 Mouth Mirror Rhodium Coated 12/pk

    Scratch Resistant Rhodium Coating
  • Out of Stock!
    Double Sided Mouth Mirror Cone SocketRead more
    SKU: PD-189

    #5 Double-sided Mouth Mirror 3/pk

    Double-sided mirror with a slim profile
  • Out of Stock!
    Magnifying Dental Mouth Mirror Front SurfaceRead more
    SKU: PD-187

    #5 Magnifying Mouth Mirror 3/pk

    Allows for an enlarged view
  • #5 mouth mirror front surface cone socket dental mouth mirrorAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-185

    #5 Mouth Mirror Cone Socket 12/pk

    Satin finished Stainless Steel mirror
  • Mouth Mirror Rhodium Coated Front Surface Cone SocketAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-185R

    #5 Mouth Mirror Rhodium Coated 12/pk

    Scratch Resistant Rhodium Coating
  • Dental Mouth Mirror Handles Cone SocketAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-190

    Hollow Mirror Handle

    Featuring textured grip for a solid grasp
  • Cone Socket Mouth Mirror Handle Dental DiagnosticsAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-192

    Lightweight Mirror Handle

    Weighs just 1/4 of an ounce
  • Dental Mouth Mirror Handles Stainless Steel Cone SocketAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-193

    Octagonal Mirror Handle

    Featuring a slim handling
  • 22mm Mouth Mirrors with HandleAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-80

    22mm Mouth Mirror with Handle (10/pk)

    Featuring a 22mm mirror diameter
  • 24mm Mouth Mirror with HandleAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-81

    24mm Mouth Mirror with Handle (10/Pk)

    Featuring a 24mm mirror diameter
  • Cotton PliersAdd to cart
    SKU: PD-119

    Cotton Pliers (12/Pack)

    Angled tip for easy access to posterior region

Diagnostic Instruments

When it comes to your daily to-go instruments such as dental probes, explorers, mouth mirrors, cotton forceps and other diagnostic Instruments, you shouldn’t be over paying for them. Precision Dental helps you reduce your bottom line, by offering the most competitive Instrument prices in the market with bundle deals on diagnostic instruments that other brands, across all platforms, can’t compare with. 

Discover a range of products

At Precision we carry diagnostic Instruments with different sizes and handling features so you can choose the best for you. Let's take a further look into our inventory: 

Mouth Mirror: Find the perfect mouth mirror’s with a guaranteed accurate and precise reflection for the best view during intraoral examination. You can find #3, #4 and #5 Mouth Mirror sizes in our inventory, all constructed with Lightweight German Stainless Steel, with fine grip attachments for the best handling experience during use. 

Dental Probes & Explorers: Upgrade your Diagnostic Instruments Arsenal with Lightweight Stainless Steel Constructed Probe and Explorers from Precision Dental Instruments. In our inventory, you can find both single and double ended explorer’s with a range of Dental Probes featuring Half-circle, 90° and an offset tip style. 

Cotton Pliers: Lightweight body style with serrated tip for a firm grip to easily carry materials such as cotton pellets in and out of the patient's mouth. Our safety-lock version of Cotton pliers allows you to have a securely locked grip and easily maneuver and apply liquid medication effortlessly. You cannot find a better deal for Cotton Pliers anywhere other than Precision! 

Quality Manufacturing with Service Excellence

Unlike many of our competitor brands, all of our instruments go through multiple inspections during the manufacturing process to ensure a high end product that produces results as intended by the practitioner. Not only this but our complete range of Instruments is constructed from the highly durable German Stainless Steel to ensure a long instrument life. We guarantee that after months of instrument use under normal conditions, Our product will stand strong and not corrode or rust. 

Why Choose Precision? 

Experience why Orthodontists across the United States are switching to Precision as their first choice for Instruments; 

Affordability: From Manufacturing to delivery at your doorstep, each and every process is solely managed by Precision which has allowed us to have a greater leverage on our prices and maintain huge competition in the market, allowing for greater savings when buying at Precision. You will never feel that you are overpaying for your daily use dental Instruments. 

No middleman: Unlike Sellers on amazon and other dental markets such as net.32 and orthazone, buying at Precision Dental USA establishes a direct connection between practitioners and Industry manufacturing experts. This means that you can be sure that each and every Instrument that you are buying has been through all safety and commitment checks listed for medical devices by the US FDA, European Union’s CE and International Standard Organization. 

Warranty: Every Instrument bought here is covered with an extended 2 year warranty which ensures you a free instrument replacement whenever an Instrument manufactured by Precision fails to perform its intended operation under normal use conditions. 

Get Your Diagnostic Instruments Today 

Place your order now and get finest quality supplies for your practice with free 3 day delivery. For any product related questions please contact us at +1-888-228-0533 or you can email us at

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