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Orthodontic Cutters

  • Pin & Ligature Cutter
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    SKU: PD-4

    Pin & Ligature Cutter Narrow Tip 15° Angled

    Cuts Ligature wires up to 0.015″
  • Laboratory Hard Wire Cutter
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    SKU: PD-67

    Laboratory Hard Wire Cutter

    Cuts Hard Orthodontic wires up to 0.036" Inserted with Hard Steel Cutting blades
  • Dental Heavy Duty Wire Cutter
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    SKU: PD-68

    Dental Heavy Duty Wire Cutter

    Cuts Hard Orthodontic wires up to 0.050" Inserted with Heavy duty Steel blades

Orthodontic Wire Cutters 

Orthodontists can perform their daily Orthodontic procedure’s much more efficiently when using high-quality instruments. When it comes to dealing with different types of Orthodontic wires, you can count on the wide selection of Orthodontic Wire Cutters available at Precision Dental USA to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Find Exactly What You're Looking For

Orthodontists need a variety of Instruments, each with its own set of specifications to address their patients' particular oral health concerns. At Precision, We host a wide range of Orthodontic Cutter, which includes;

  • Pin & Ligature wire Cutters
  • Distal End Cutters 
  • Hard Wire Cutters 
  • Laboratory Cutters

Each of our Instrument’s is constructed with high quality German Stainless Steel and inserted with the Ultra Strong Tungsten Carbide Cutting Edge to allow for an effortless cut every time. Featuring chamfered handles for a smooth firm grip, you can find multiple sizes for each of our Ortho Cutter’s to best enhance your Instrument handling experience during operation.

Experience a smooth operation with minimal patient discomfort

For Orthodontic treatment to be successful, Orthodontists must use wires and Instruments that are built to last and that are sturdy and durable. High quality Instruments and materials ensure minimal patient discomfort during their regular visits and allow for a more on-time Orthodontic treatment. 

For one thing, all practitioners' rely on high-quality wire cutters to snip wires without causing any discomfort to the patient, which is why our Premium line of Orthodontic Cutters is manufactured with the highly durable German Stainless Steel. Because every patient’s treatment is different, we offer Orthodontic Instruments in various specifications and sizes to ensure that you always have access to the tools you require.

Deliver Stunning Smiles Hassle-free

All of our products are designed and manufactured in the United States, and they are made of high grade corrosion-resistant steel to ensure long-term performance. Our warranty policy is clear: If your instrument fails at any point during its operation, we will replace it at no additional charge. Precision Dental offers a 2 year warranty on all of its products. 

Most of our products are handcrafted and go through multiple inspections before being packed to send on your way. Having our own manufacturing has allowed us to maintain long-term durability, accuracy, and precision unlike other 3rd party suppliers and thus ensure that you receive the performance and Instrument value that you demand. 

Purchase Precision Dental Instruments and save for your practice

Although it is a vocation, Orthodontics is also a business, and the bottom line is critical in this endeavor! Precision Dental assists you in increasing your bottom line by offering the most competitive prices on orthodontic wire cutters and other instruments in the market. To find out more, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today. Because there is no middleman and we manufacture and sell our products through our own channels, we are able to maintain a price that other brand’s cannot. Everything has been simplified and kept under our own control to ensure a direct and a strong relationship between Orthodontists and Industry manufacturing experts. 

No Sales Tax is charged for Customers except for the State of Texas. We also offer free standard domestic shipping on orders of $29 or more, allowing you to save even more money on your purchase overall. With Precision Dental Instruments, you can be confident that you receive the highest-quality products at the most competitive pricing possible.

We're Here to Assist You with Your Concerns and Questions

Having trouble finding what you’re looking for? No problem, At Precision Dental you will find a welcoming and knowledgeable team of experts who are always willing to assist you. Explore your options on this page, and get in touch with us if we can be of any additional assistance. 

Get your Orthodontic wire Cutters today at Precision Dental Instruments. For any questions or concerns, contact us at +1-888-228-0533 or email us at


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