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Utility Pliers

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    Occlusal Pads 6/Pack

    Replacement pads for Adhesive & Band Removing Pliers

Precision Dental Instruments – Orthodontic Pliers

It's of utmost importance to invest in quality orthodontic instruments to give your patients the perfect smile they deserve, and we are here to help you choose what's best for your Ortho practice.

At Precision Dental Instruments, you will find orthodontic tools and instruments that are designed for durability and longevity. We use the mighty 440A German Stainless Steel for all of our instruments and pair it up with the ultra-strong Tungsten Carbide for cutting edges and tips. This, combined with our precise handcraft manufacturing ensures a powerful grip and enhanced instrument control during any Orthodontic procedure. We guarantee that our Orthodontic Pliers and Cutters will last for years with continuing smooth operation.

Being a leading manufacturer and seller of orthodontic instruments in the United States, Precision Dental Instruments offers you trust and reliability. All our operations are kept up to date with the FDA guidelines and International Quality Certifications. We guarantee our products will leave you 100% satisfied. We offer a wide range of Orthodontic tools that will enable you to provide your patients with the best quality dental care. A purchase at Precision, is a life-long bond. Use our orthodontic instruments to spread smiles with perfection!

Find out more about our range of Orthodontic Pliers below.

Orthodontic Utility Pliers

Precision Dental Instruments hosts an extensive range of Utility Pliers that you can use at your Ortho practice for a wide range of purposes. Most of them are universal Orthodontic Pliers which can do multiple tasks while some are specific with shapes and sizes for their specific use. Here at Precision, you can find every type of utility plier which you can select for your intended use.

Here's a highlight into the Orthodontic utility pliers that we offer:

Weingart Pliers
Bracket & Band Removing Pliers
Crimping & Contouring Pliers
Separator Pliers
De-bonding Pliers
Howe Pliers
Adhesive Removing Pliers
Adam Plier

Every orthodontist wants Instruments that can last long without corroding or rusting, and this is precisely what we offer. Our pliers are made from high-grade stainless steel with corrosion-resistant properties that can withstand deformation even with constant use of pliers.

Check out our Set of five Utility Pliers that can do a wide range of basic operations at your practice. Set includes Weingart Plier, Separating Plier, Howe Plier, Adam Plier and an Adhesive Removing Plier

Why Buy Orthodontic Instruments From Precision Dental?

The most significant factor that sets us apart from other brands is that we realize the value of the quality of orthodontic instruments in dental practices. We being manufacturer's ensure that each and every detail is taken into consideration, which is why we also offer an option to get Instruments custom manufactured according to your personal needs, particularly adjusting Instrument's handling to better serve your purpose.

Manufacturing our own Instruments allows us to set high quality standards and also make our instruments more affordable than many Third-party retailers in the market. Furthermore, Each one of our Instruments is backed by an Extended 2 year warranty that guarantees you a brand new replacement of the tool anytime a repair or sharpening is required over the course of 2 years since purchase. Stay worry free about your Instruments and let Precision take care of it. Place your order today at Precision Dental Instruments and get free shipping on every purchase above $29. Have questions? Call in at +1-888-228-0533 and speak to one of experts to help you choose the best Instruments for your practice.

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